Individually our talented Hawke's Bay producers have created many of New Zealand's great wines, and together we continue to propel Hawke's Bay to the forefront of the global wine stage.

All wineries and grape growers paying a levy to NZ Winegrowers are automatically members of Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers. However, by upgrading your membership you can make the most of our exciting journey shaping the future of Hawke’s Bay wine.  

Join us as we share our secret with the world.


Our Purpose

The Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Association exists for three crucial purposes:

  • Collective Interest Advancement: We are committed to safeguarding and advancing the collective interests of the Hawke’s Bay wine industry. Your participation strengthens our united voice, ensuring that our concerns and aspirations are heard and addressed.
  • Global Reputation Growth: Together, we aim to enhance Hawke’s Bay’s position as New Zealand’s premier wine region and one of the world’s great wine destinations. By pooling our resources and expertise, we can create a lasting legacy that resonates with wine enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Community Support: At the heart of our Association is a commitment to supporting the Hawke’s Bay wine community to be the best it can be. By fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge, we empower each member to thrive and contribute to the collective success of our region.

We have designed a comprehensive membership package that aligns with the commitment levels of individual businesses. Your contribution will directly contribute to our strategic plan, positioning Hawke's Bay as one of the world's premier wine regions.

 A voluntary member fee has been introduced to enable us to further drive our initiatives. This funding is utilised for specific projects that include increasing regional visitation, expanding social media presence, developing marketing resources, creating compelling video content, enhancing our website, and participating in global initiatives like the Great Wine Capitals of the World Group.

Your support directly contributes to vital work such as promoting our regional story, engaging influencers and media, nurturing the independent grower community, fostering research, and ensuring our presence in key events like the National Chardonnay Symposium.

In addition to the member fees, we invite you to consider supporting our membership in the Great Wine Capitals of the World Group through our Ambassador category. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses with a strong tourism focus to enhance their presence in this global initiative.

These fees are not a replacement for the levy collected by NZW; instead, they enable us to undertake industry-good activities and marketing initiatives beyond our existing funding base.

Upgrade your membership

and join us on our exciting journey to shape the future of Hawke's Bay wine. Together we will continue to craft a legacy that defines the essence of our remarkable region.

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