Chardonnay Technical Workshop Speakers

Inform and inspire

This immersive event will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, and wine tastings led by industry experts.

Nick Hoskins

Riversun’s director of viticulture Nick Hoskins consults with clients on vineyard planting, clones, rootstock, vine health and just about anything else they require.


Nick started in amenity horticulture for the Wellington City Council Parks Department, before he felt the pull to cross the ranges and settle in the Wairarapa, right when the first vines were being planted. Back then he was chair of the Wairarapa Grapevine Improvement Group whose goal it was to improve the planting material people were putting into the ground. This led to him being involved at a national level, and that was where he met Riversun founder Geoff Thorpe. He has been with Riversun since 1998. 


Nick lived in Gisborne for a while (Riversun’s home), but the draw to the Wairarapa was at work again, where he also runs his own vineyard management business. He is still involved at national level in the industry – this time as manager of the New Zealand Winegrowers Virus Elimination Project which focuses on the elimination of the devastating grapevine leafroll disease.