The Role of our Association

The Hawke's Bay Winegrowers Association stands as a stalwart entity, deeply ingrained in the historical tapestry of New Zealand's Hawke's Bay wine region.

The Association’s roots extend deep into the late 20th century, evolving in response to economic challenges, phylloxera, and changing consumer preferences. Originally established as the Hawke’s Bay Grape Growers Association and Hawke’s Bay Winemakers Ltd in the early 1980s, the entities merged in 2007, giving rise to the current Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers Association, governed by an eight-member Board.

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The Hawke's Bay Winegrowers Association is driven by three essential purposes forming the core of its commitment to the Hawke's Bay wine industry and community.

Firstly, the Association is dedicated to advancing collective interests. By uniting voices within the industry, participants strengthen the Association’s advocacy efforts, ensuring that the concerns and aspirations of Hawke’s Bay wine professionals are not only heard but effectively addressed.

Secondly, the Association aims to elevate Hawke’s Bay’s global reputation, positioning it as New Zealand’s premier wine region and a distinguished global wine destination. Through the consolidation of resources and expertise, a collaborative legacy is cultivated, resonating with wine enthusiasts worldwide.

At its heart, the Association prioritises community support, striving to empower the Hawke’s Bay wine community to reach its full potential. Fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, the Association enables each member to thrive, contributing to the collective success of the Region.

The Association’s foundation lies in preserving Hawke’s Bay’s unique terroir, emphasising the importance of collective efforts to maintain land integrity and promote distinctive wine characteristics. Through workshops and seminars, the Association fosters camaraderie, providing a platform for winemakers to share insights and innovations.

Crucially, the Association plays a pivotal role in advancing wine quality by encouraging participation in events and competitions, boosting the national and international recognition of Hawke’s Bay wines. As a unified voice, the Association represents the interests of Hawke’s Bay winemakers and growers in regulatory affairs, policy development, and advocacy, ensuring the region’s distinct needs are considered.

Evolving into a dynamic and forward-thinking entity, the Association not only upholds traditions but actively shapes the trajectory of Hawke’s Bay wines, contributing significantly to the region’s vinous legacy through decades of collaboration and dedication.

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